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Some new books to add to your 2014 TBR piles…

It’s still a great year for series, both new and ongoing, but if you’re in the mood for a story that begins and ends with one book, here are a few of the novels for (most of) the latter half of the year - ranging from science fiction and fantasy to paranormal to realistic contemporary - that have us intrigued. And of course they’re not the only ones on our radar - visit us on Goodreads to find many, many more! 

Follow the links to find copies of available books in our catalog:

Free to Fall, Lauren Miller

Everything Leads to You, Nina Lacour

Inland, Kat Rosenfield

Say What You Will, Cammie McGovern

Complicit, Stephanie Kuehn

Conversion, Katherine Howe

Fiendish, Brenna Yovanoff

(Don’t You) Forget About Me, Kate Karyus Quinn

Servants of the Storm, Delilah Dawson

Beware the Wild, Natalie Parker

Illusions of Fate, Kiersten White

Belzhar, Meg Wolitzer

Stitching Snow, R.C. Lewis

Afterworlds, Scott Westerfeld

Falling into Place, Amy Zhang

Kiss of Broken Glass, Madeline Kuderick

Bleed Like Me, Christa Desir

This is a GREAT resource. 

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